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Narrative Vitae


I have combined success in business with a life in the arts. Throughout a career as an executive vice president in scientific/medical publishing, I continued to pursue my experimental innovations.


My experience in business with my expertise in management informed and accommodated the inevitable demands of working in relative obscurity and isolation. It freed me from pressure to conform and allowed me to move, unimpeded in the direction I set myself.

In 2000, I abandoned the business world to focus entirely on painting.





BA Medieval History and BA Plastic & Graphic Arts, UI Chicago, Summa Cum Laude

Master of Arts and MFA in painting UW, Madison, WI, Magna Cum Laude





4Art Inc. Gallery Chicago, IL 2009

RCM Galleries Chicago and Springfield, IL 2008
City of Urbino Amministrazione del Patrimonio Legato Albani Urbino, Italy 2006

Robert Morris College Chicago, IL 2005

TZ Gallery Chicago, IL 2004 (group show)

ARC Gallery, Main Gallery Chicago, IL 2004

Xavier University SXU Gallery Chicago, IL 2004

Art in the Garden Joliet, IL 2002 (group show)

Around the Coyote Chicago, IL 2001

Studio Castellamonte Torino, Italy 1997





City of Urbino, Patrimonio del Legato Albani Urbino, Italy

Robert Morris College Chicago, IL

Urbino Arte Circolo Culturale Urbino, Italy

TGI Televisone Pesaro, Italy



Giuliano Rettori Urbino, Italy

John Vorrasi Chicago, IL

Signore e Signora GianMatteo Strola Tornio, Italy

Legacy Realty Boca Raton, FL

North Central College Library Collection Naperville, IL

Mrs. Cheryl Rozychi San Diego, CA

Prof. Mary Becker Elmwood Park, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gillespie Chicago, IL

Estate of Mary T. Rausa Rockford, IL

Mr. and Mrs. William McVey, Chicago, IL