Sean Griskenas



ITALY Reviews


“We are in the presence of an artist who thinks about and reflects on painting with a developed sensibility that has no need to look back to models no matter how important which do not belong naturally to the work.  Instead the artist produces new ones which are, above all, personal and original…”


“The surprising thing in the work is precisely the ease with which Griskenas handles materials and colors which are brilliant or transparent or opaque.  At the same time what is striking is the absolute and rigorous control in the definition of form and space which rather than inhibition opens up a free fantasy to visibility.”


Vitaliano Angelini

Urbino-Arte, arte, cultura e conoscenza

Urbino, 2006-08-15


“The elegance of composition and perfect execution was overpowering…I was struck by the mastery and originality of this artist’s own voice.”


Michaela Vitri, Critic-at-Large


TELE 2000

Pesaro, 2006-12-02